Emography – writing emotions via photos.

The human body is an admirative machine developped through time evolution. It helps us express ourselves and communicate with our environment via words, hands / feet gestures as well as by using face mimics. 

Intrigued by this topic, Bobbie Dunn and Nir Avner, would like to find out how different body parts show emotions via the photographic medium. 

Every meeting a different body part will be chosen, 

                                               a music will accompany our session, 

                                                                                    and YOU – the model ! 

Join us for this exciting experience, register now (bellow) and we’ll get back to you.

* The shooting is free, and 2 photos will be delivered to each participant.

What do we do with the photos  ? 

At the end of the shootings we show them on divers Social Media channels and our website. A book will be prepared and published for sale. We also intend to participate in Photo exhibitions. Therefore, every participant is required to sign a model release, allowing us to publish the photos.

Where will the shootings take place ?

The Alte Akademie – Room 517 ( Paul Klinger Künstler Verein)  Neuhauserstraße 8,  80331 München

Registration Form


We are already curious to find out the photos outcome !