mulheres  women femmes  Vrouwen  ქალი  نساء  kadınlar  زنان  donne  mujeres  kvinder  女性  נשים  wahine Frauen женщины ሴቶች 

Women represent a major part of our society and play a crucial role in it. At first, they are our mothers, grandmothers and sometimes sisters too. Then they become our friends, girlfriends (in some cases though ), our colleagues, bosses and…  

Being a man and curious about women, I would like to photograph them the way they are. Regardless of age, origin or any other criteria. Actually, there is one criteria, no masks or veils. The reason is simple – I truly believe that every human being is free and wearing a veil signifies, in my eyes, degrading the person wearing it and restraining his/her liberty.  In that respective, I’d like to draw a photographic map of women in my surrounding and places I travel to. Those I know and those I don’t, and most importantly in the most neutral possible way. Therefore, no name or any other data about them , besides 5 simple questions: 

  • What is your birthplace ?
  • What is your birth year ? 
  • Where do you currently live ? 
  • What do you do for your living ?  
  • And the last question will be an open one – how do you define yourself ?

I’m curious to know what the outcome will be, and if any conclusions could be drawn out of  this photo-experience. Evidently this will not be a conclusive result, and based only on my encounters. However, I will try to do my best to diversify shooting locations besides Munich (my hometown), France and Israel (countries to which I regularly travel). I want the photos to speak for themselves without any prejudgment on my behalf. I want to represent women the way they naturally are ! 

If you would like to participate, sign up here.